Crop and Create Markham…the RECAP!

Hey Hey!  How was your weekend?  We had a great “get er done” and “family’s the best” kind of weekend!  Love that.  Just got stuff done and hung out.  Planned a family vacation…we need it.  And edited photos from Crop & Create Markham.  Let me tell you about that!


It All Started With…

IMG_6374 Catherine gathered up some great people and headed my way so we could go on a little adventure to Niagara Falls!  A very Elsa, Anna and Olaf version of The Falls!


The main characters that day included…Me, Miss Ali Edwards, Ali’s wonderful side kick Katie, Catherine (the fearless leader) and  Tonya and Cynthia, the lovely ladies from Doodlebug Designs.

IMG_6358 It was a great adventure…but it was chilly!!!  The ladies had their awesome Roots gloves to keep their fingers toasty!

DSC_0131 It was a sight to behold.  All of that ice and snow.  And it was BEYOND cold!!!!  But worth it.


Ali posing for …”just one more picture!”  I think people secretly hate my camera!!!  HA!  Love.  To.  Take.  Photos!!!!


 One last pic of The Falls.  Stunning.


Clifton Hill…Frankenstein eating a Burger makes me happy.  It just does, ok?  We ate at Antica Pizzeria…it was AWESOME!!!  It is on Victoria Ave and the lady who waited on us was AMAZING!  Great views.  Great food.  Great company.

The Main Event… 

Crop & Create Markham 2015


All of the name badges ready for this huge crowd!!  It was a sold out event!!


Look at all of these ladies!!!!


 Catherine, Angie and I.  The usual suspects.  Missed Virginia in this photo…so just pretend she is there.



JUDY!!!!!  With all of her inky fingers!!!


My crew of lovelies in my Texture Play Workshop.


Love it!


And so did they…dirty hands= a HAPPY heart!!!


And my lovelies in the Sheer Beauty Layout Class.


Ali, Katie and JUDY!!!!  Ali is good.  I mean REALLY good!  She makes me want to write stuff down.  That is BIG my friends.  HUGE!  Love them both.

The People… well a few of them.


 Diane, Allyn and Valerie.  Great friends.


Donna and Tinka.  So glad they made the trip with their “bellas”  Such a great bunch of ladies!!!


Paola!!  Love.


Look at Virginia…she was working hard.  Lots of talent right there.


And Bertha…my love for this lady is BIG. Man I am lucky to be blessed with all of these people in my life.  It is all of these “connections” that make all of this worth it.

The Teaching Crew…

I had soon much fun with these ladies (and Catherine, Angie and Virginia!!!)  Tons of talent.  Lots of laugh.  Good friends.


What can you say about Ali and Katie.  They are good eggs.  I just love Ali Edwards and all she has to say about “THINGS”.  She is down to earth, funny and a true story teller.  Katie and I share a love for the same kind of booty shakin’ music.  I am going to show up to see them when they least expect it.


I have loved these two since the first day I met them many moons ago.  We would spend a lot of time together if I moved to Utah!  Cafe Rio, laughs, tears, lots of hugs and good “girl” time.  Tonya and Cynthia fall into that SPECIAL people place and I love them to pieces!

The Usual Suspects…


 Awww…look at these two.  Catherine keeps it all together, remembers everyones name and makes this thing run smoothly.  She is GOOOOOD!  And Angie…name I LOVE her too!  She just GETS it.  And she gave me popcorn.  How can you not love a girl who gives you popcorn!!


 The gang!  Missed Virginia at this one.  Saw her for a few minutes on Saturday and then she was gone.  Her class was the bomb-diggity!  She is another GOOD one!  And a HUGE thanks to Jen for everything she does behind the scenes to make these events a success!!!!

The Wrap Up…


Korean BBQ.  Fun, fun, fun!!!!!


The TOAST!!!  Another great event is a wrap!!!


The people.  Love every single one of them.  I had the BEST time in Markham!!!  A huge thanks to Catherine’s family (see Erica in the bottom right…love her!) for all of their help!!!  They are keepers!!!

This event was too fast though!  I missed a lot of FACE time with all of the WONDERFUL ladies who came to share two days with us.  Wish I could have sat down and chatted with each of them. Remember…connections…love them!!!



I demo’d this bad boy and I LOVE it!!!  Oh the possibilities!!!!

Next up…


Moncton Crop & Create!!!!  Will you be there?  I will be and I hope to see you!  Stacey Caron and Kim Hupke will be there with SPELLBINDERS!!!!  What a treat…they create some beautiful projects with the Spellbinders dies!!!!  And another one of my favourite companies (and lady!!!) FANCY PANTS DESIGNS and owner Jodi Sanford!!!!  I am a HUGE fan of FP!!!!!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store!!!


it is such a truly unique experience…don’t miss out

Well that is it for now.  Please leave a few comments below and catch up with me.  Would love to hear from any ladies who attend C&C Markham!  What was you favourite part?

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