The Dog ate my......

I know Easter is upon us and if you have ordered the Basket Full of Joy Easter kit - most of you are patiently waiting for it to arrive. I promise I can not make this up -

A neighborhood dog literally ate the package from the flower manufacture.   - Some of them were unharmed so we were able to ship some orders out. I re-ordered immediately,  but they are taking forever to get here. We are up to 3 times longer than the first set took to arrive.

The Flowers we used come from Poland so once they leave Poland I lose sight of them until they enter the US.  Now the manufacturer is unable to track the package.  So Hobby Lobby to the rescue.  Basket Full of Joy is on its way.  We are very sorry for the delay! 

Bella ( the dog) is a stray dog that has roamed into our neighborhood.  This is not the first incident that has occurred with misplaced or half-eaten packages... she also loves to sneak into your garage and grab a boot or garden glove.  She does not hesitate to walk into your kitchen and wait for a snack if you are unloading groceries.  She is a sweetheart.  We have adopted her as a neighborhood she has been spade, has several beds in the neighborhood to sleep.  I am sure she eats better than most dogs because I have watched her go from house to house - each neighbor goes in their house and comes back with leftovers or they (like me) have just added an outside bowl for her.  We recently have even gotten a collar for her with our subdivision name on it.   

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have questions.  email

Thank you so much for understanding! 

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