Winter Mini Front Cover

Yikees!!  Please note that the first page of the Directions has advice for the cover but the actual directions to put it together was left out by mistake.   Winter Fun Front Cover

You can download the document ( click above in red)  to print the directions or just read it here below:

We will start first with our front cover.  Locate the paper named ‘Frozen’.  From the strip side please cut a four x 9 1/4 block, capturing the strip with the skis.  Ink this strip and glue to the left side of the cover, leaving a small portion of the fabric cover exposed.  I use Zip Dry or another strong glue to make sure that this paper strip sticks well to the cover.  Now locate your tulle ribbon and tie a large piece around the cover, over the paper.  Tie in a small bow at the very top of the album.  Remove a page from the album and cover with the word paper named ‘Journey’.  Locate the large die cut parenthesis frame and trace carefully to the strip side of the ‘Glistening’ paper sheet.  Cut that frame out and reserve the die cut for later use.  Ink the edges of the striped frame and attach to the top of the chipboard page, after tucking a die cut snowflake under the lower right hand corner of the frame.  Cut out the postcard image from the ‘Ski Pass’ paper sheet and glue to the chipboard packaging for the die cut package.  This will make this card more sturdy.  Attach the post card to the middle of the frame image with a layer of foam tape.  Now locate the die cut ticket strip and elevate with two layers of foam tape. Attach this strip to the left of the post card image.  Create a cluster of snowflake chipboard shapes in the lower left hand corner of the post card image as shown.  With a dose of patience and fine tipped scissors or an exacto knife, cut all of the coffee cups from the ‘Exhilarating’ paper sheet.  Attach three to the front of the chipboard page, I added a layer or two of foam tape under the coffee cup on the left side of the page.  Find the elevated chipboard frame and attach at a slight angle on the page as shown.  Carefully peel the snowflake image off the tag die cut shape and attach to the center of the cup on the top of the page.  Peel off the bird block image from the tag and cover with a scrap of strip paper and replace.  Attach the tag to the frame, you will need to add a little foam tape under the bottom of the tag for support since the top is sitting on the top of the frame.  Attach the chipboard coffee cup to the front of the tag.  Now locate the ‘warm me up’ image from the ‘Winter Solstice’ paper sheet.  Turn the image on its side and attach to the lower right hand side of the fabric cover as shown.  Now you can attach the decorated page to the front cover with two or three layers of foam tape.

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