Angela Moen

Button Farm is located and shipped from Tahlequah, OK – but that is just logistics! The fun stuff happens in the design studios, home offices and on kitchen tables. 

We are all crafters.  Art is good for your soul.  Hobby, Therapy, Way of Existing there is no way of doing it wrong.  Scrapbook, Journal, Paint, Organize, Document..... do it all.  Just #KeepCrafting

Our team is everywhere.  We have met in different cities across the U.S. now we rarely see each other but we continue to share our lives with each other. 


Angela Moen is well Angela Moen - A creative, determined, adventurous and all-around fantastic person.  Her eye and attention to detail is amazing.  When she started Button Farm I don't think she knew what it would bring in her life.  Many great travels and friends.  She lives and enjoys Maine through boating, snowmobiling, and camping with her 2 grown boys and an adorable pooch!


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