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Sold out 2020 Year in a Box by Kathy Clement

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Life is filled with all kinds of days: celebration days, happy days, ordinary days…days that you want to hold onto forever. Sometimes we want to make time standstill.  Well, we can’t do that for you, but we can supply you with the Year in a Box Calendar Kit so that you won’t let a single happy moment of 2020 slip through your fingers. This unique memory storage system consists of a series of 12 folios: one for each month of the year, housed in a handsome and sturdy 8” x 8” storage box that you will be proud to display as part of your home décor.   
Each gatefold style folio measures 7” x 7” and has room for at least a dozen photographs of your favorite moments from each month of the year. You’ll find pockets with mini folios, a monthly calendar, tags and journaling spots, a blank panel where you can make lists of special events like birthdays, holidays or anniversaries, hidden pockets, pull out folios, meaningful sentiments and lovely vintage images tucked inside each month.  
The folios are quick and easy to create.  When finished, store them inside the box for safekeeping.  Display a favorite photo on the easel that tops the box lid. 
This is a quarterly subscription kit.  The first kit will come with all the supplies and instructions for the elegant box and the January, February and March folios. 

Shipping details Cost Details:

3 Months after your original order you will be billed for the next quarter's folio supplies.  Each Quarter's supplies will be $27.00  The sooner you order the sooner you will get the next set of supplies.  Each Quarter your folio design will change and Kathy will release a video preview, and you will receive a printed full-color instruction sheet.

Price for Quarter 2, 3 & 4  Folios: $27.00



Our kits and scrapbooking kits include all of the materials and full color instructions to recreate.

Q. May I ship my kit to someone else? 
A. Yes, you may ship your kit to someone else. If you would like to do this, please email us by the first of the month with the address to which you’d like it shipped.

Q. What if my kit is damaged in shipping?
A. We take great pride in carefully packaging your kit. However, occasionally a package is damaged in shipping. If your kit has been damaged please email us at: Laura@buttonfarmclub.com and arrangements will be made to return the damaged kit and replace it with a new one. If the kit is no longer available, we will either refund your purchase or extend your membership an additional month.  Please check kit contents upon arrival, after 60 days we can’t guarantee availability of products.

Q. How do you figure shipping costs?
A. Shipping is calculated by weight and dimensions using current USPS rates. You can now choose your shipping speed and cost at checkout. International rates are included.

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