Winter Folios by Kathy Clement

Winter Folios by Kathy Clement

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Life is filled with all kinds of days: celebration days, happy days, ordinary days…days that you want to hold onto forever. Sometimes we want to make time stand still.  Well, we can’t do that for you, but we can document these memories so that you won’t let a single happy moment of 2020 slip through your fingers. 
These gatefold style folios measure 7x7 and has room for a least a dozen photographs.
You’ll find pockets with mini folios, a monthly calendar, tags and journaling spots, a
 blank panel where you can make lists of special events like birthdays, holidays or 
anniversaries, hidden pockets, pull out folios, meaningful sentiments and lovely vintage images tucked inside each month.  
The folios are quick and easy to create.  

These folios were originally a part of the Year in a Box Project.  We are no longer able to sell the entire project but your instructions will include how to decorate an 8x8 Box and create the easel. 

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Some items used to build box:

gold numbers



Each Quarter a new set of folios will be released. 

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